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BMW M Drive Tour

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The Project

The BMW M Drive Tour is a series of premium events allowing current and prospective BMW customers to drive the complete portfolio of BMW's signature M vehicles around Europe's iconic race tracks. In doing so, they fully discover the capabilities of the BMW M brand. BMW were keen to explore how they could enhance the experience and amplify overall emotional engagement to drive affinity. As a result, BMW and ZeroLight collaborated on a series of fully connected, customer-centric digital experiences delivered pre, during, and post event. Read more about the project here: bmw m drive tour virtual experience

BMW M Drive Tour

Senior UI/UX Designer & Project Lead


My Role

I acted as project lead for the BMW M Drive Tour which consisted of planning and creating the entire UX flow so that each member of the team had a full understanding of the project. I was responsible for the majority of the design and worked with cross functional teams to ensure a successful delivery. I also worked closely with BMW and their agency Adwerba to make sure what we delivered was a highly polished end to end experience.

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