Digital experience

June 2019

Crafting a unique digital experience for the launch of the UK Audi e-tron

Project overview

Audi UK has created an innovative Instant Experience using Facebook's new full-screen, mobile advertising format, working with real-time rendering specialist ZeroLight and agency partners We Are Social and PHD. The configuration experience enables users to customise the new Audi e-tron - the premium brand's first all-electric series production car - directly within the Facebook app before exploring their creation in a personalised video and even sending it to their nearest dealership.

We crafted a fully customisable advertising experience using 196 individual canvases (195 possible configurations of the Audi e-tron) on Facebook. Read more about the project here: Audi UK brings the e-tron to life with Facebook Instant Experiences

My role

Lead Designer & Project Lead


Website, Web VR, VR & AR

My team

2 Designers

1 Engineer

1 Project Manager

Facebook Instant Experience screens

My role

I was the lead designer (working closely with another designer that I was managing) and project manager for the Audi UK Facebook Instant Experience project which consisted of leading the organisation of cross functional teams. I was responsible for the design, art direction, and the general organisation of the project.

I worked very closely with Audi and their agency We Are Social to ensure that their vision was realised from initial kickoff workshops through to the final build of the Facebook Instant Experience which involved working directly in Audi’s Facebook account. I managed the regular touch-points with all teams involved throughout the project and worked directly with Audi to get the designs signed off.

Final UI


The project was so successful that it was later rolled out to other markets including Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Spain and Australia. In the UK alone, the experience reached 1.7 million views.