Digital experience

March 2017

Creating a global automotive product launch for Pagani

Project overview

March 2017 saw Pagani Automobili deliver the Pagani Huayra Roadster to market, with a public launch at the 87th Geneva Motor Show. As a revered luxury brand within the automotive sector, Pagani draws the attention of motor enthusiasts worldwide.

To maximise the overall reach of the vehicle's debut, ZeroLight and Pagani collaborated on an online launch event to coincide with the reveal at the show, running alongside the duration of the cars display. This also marked the first time a vehicle had been launched concurrently using real-time 3D visualisation over the web. Read more about the project here: Creating a global and engaging automotive proudct launch

My role

Lead Designer



My team

1 Designer

1 Engineer

1 Project Manager

Mobile & Desktop UI and official Instagram post

My role

I was responsible for the overall UX, digital design and creative direction of the Pagani microsite. This project involved lots of working parts and teams to get it to launch.

I was in charge of art direction and had to create custom cameras to make the car look as appealing as possible and worked closely with the development team to make sure everything functioned as envisioned. One of the images I created was shared by Pagani on their Instagram clocking up 24,000+ likes and this also increased traffic to the website tenfold.

Final UI

View the website live here: