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Porsche ICC

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The Project

Porsche and ZeroLight collaborated on a new concept for Plug and Play's Startup Autobahn: an Intelligent Car Configurator. The aim of this concept was to create a fully personalised purchase journey, catering to the unique preferences of each individual user at every touch point. The ICC concept represents a fully integrated customer journey, bridging the gap between online and dealers whilst ensuring every touch point is relevant. With the ability to reach any connected device, customers can start their purchase journey from wherever they wish. Read more about the project here: The Intelligent Car Configurator concept

Porsche ICC

Lead Designer and Project Lead


My Role

I was the project lead for the Porsche ICC project which consisted of planning and creating the entire project flow so that each member of the team had a full understanding of the project. I was responsible for all design and worked with cross functional teams to ensure a successful delivery. The design consisted of not only a responsive car configurator but also an Augmented Reality app and a data visualisation dashboard. This project was used as the show-front of ZeroLight's technology in partnership with Porsche at Startup Autobahn. We also used this project for the remainder of the year which helped generate more business for the company.

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